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Freestanding Flowers

Elevate your surroundings with our striking freestanding flowers. From man-sized blooms on sturdy stems to delicate petals crafted from a variety of materials, including cardstock, Italian crepe paper, and silk/organza, our diverse range features an array of floral varieties such as roses, peonies, poppies, sunflowers, daisies, irises, tulips, and lilies of the valley (and more!), each meticulously handcrafted to perfection.

Wall flowers

Transform any space into a blooming paradise with our exquisite wall flowers. Explore our collection of small sets and stunning large paper flower walls, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and charm to weddings, events, or home decor.

Flower Rentals

Add a pop of colour and charm to your special occasion with our flower rental service. Choose from our selection of foam roses and bundles of crepe paper poppies, available in pastel hues or vibrant mixes. Whether you’re planning a wedding, party, or corporate event, our rental flowers are the perfect solution for adding a touch of elegance and flair without the commitment of ownership.

Custom Orders

Let your imagination run wild with our custom order service. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or need assistance bringing your ideas to life, our team is here to create personalized paper creations tailored to your unique needs and preferences. From bespoke flower arrangements to custom-designed paper sculptures, we’ll work closely with you to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that exceed your expectations and leave a lasting impression.

3D Paper Sculptures

Unleash your imagination with our captivating 3D paper sculptures. Explore an enchanting world of whimsical creatures and elegant designs, from majestic deer and graceful elephants to playful giraffes and cuddly bears. With the ability to create any model, not just animals, our sculptures add a touch of whimsy and wonder to any space.

Workshops and Classes

Discover the joy of paper crafting at our Woy Woy-based studio with our engaging workshops and classes. Join us for open sessions where we guide you through the creation of specific flower designs or book a private class for your group of friends or family. Whether it’s a hen’s party, birthday celebration, or simply a gathering of friends looking to spend quality time together, our studio offers the perfect setting to unleash your creativity and make memories. Come immerse yourself in the art of paper flower making and leave with a beautiful bouquet crafted by your own hands. We look forward to welcoming you!

Online Video Tutorials

Dive into the world of paper floristry with our comprehensive online video tutorials available on www.PaperProTutorials.com. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, our tutorials cover a wide range of techniques and materials, from crafting single mini flowers to creating large freestanding blooms. With digital templates and step-by-step video instructions, you can learn from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Start your journey in paper floristry and unleash your creativity to start your own business!

YouTube Channel

Explore the art of paper flowers through our captivating YouTube Channel, «SydneyPaperFlowers.» Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of free videos featuring mesmerizing time lapses, behind-the-scenes glimpses of our work in progress, and much more. Whether you’re seeking inspiration or eager to learn new techniques, our channel is a hub of creativity waiting to be discovered.

Do you want to decorate your holiday beautifully with magnificent handmade flowers?

Write me a request and I will contact you within an hour.

Do you want to decorate your holiday beautifully with magnificent handmade flowers?

Write me a request and I will contact you within an hour.

About the project

Welcome to SydneyPaperFlowers!

I’m Anastasia, the founder of SydneyPaperFlowers. A decade ago, I turned my passion for crafting into a business, starting from home. Today, SydneyPaperFlowers is a global brand known for its exquisite paper creations, from stunning flower walls to captivating 3D sculptures. Join us in celebrating creativity and innovation at SydneyPaperFlowers.

Warm regards,
Anastasia SydneyPaperFlowers

About the project

Welcome to SydneyPaperFlowers!

I’m Anastasia, the founder of SydneyPaperFlowers. A decade ago, I turned my passion for crafting into a business, starting from home. Today, SydneyPaperFlowers is a global brand known for its exquisite paper creations, from stunning flower walls to captivating 3D sculptures. Join us in celebrating creativity and innovation at SydneyPaperFlowers.

Warm regards,
Anastasia SydneyPaperFlowers

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Great. We’re here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Also, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page. If we’ve missed any of your questions below and you would like to get in touch with us please click here or send us a message to SydneyPaperFlowers@gmail.com or send a message on our social media accounts (Instagram or Facebook).

General questions

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All about digital video tutorials and templates

What is your lead time for custom orders?

All our flowers are handmade in Sydney by our creator Anastasia. We do not source them from China mass production factories, nor we re-sell premade products. This is why we can customise almost any part of our product. But making all products from scratch takes time. And the more complicated flower, the more time it takes. So, the answer to this question depends not only on the size of your order but mainly on what type of flowers you chose. For most popular flower types and colour combinations we usually have premade parts on stock (like we make heaps of leaves, petals, stamens, stems and floor bases in our low season so we can use them for faster assembly of orders in our high season). It is unpredictable and depends on many circumstances though but there is a chance that with more popular request we can act faster.

More complicated flowers take more time for production in general and we do not stock parts for them so they will take longer production time.

Some orders require a very specific paper / other materials colour that we do not carry on stock at all. So, we need to order from supplier and wait for delivery before we start production.

All of this is discussed with a client prior placing order so you can estimate time for your flowers to get ready. In this prospective it always helpful to know the date of your event or when you need the flowers by so we can advise on possible lead time for your particular choice of type and colour so you can play around.

Roughly we need 2-3 weeks of production for a standard order but all depends on order size, type, materials and parts availability.

Can I rush my order?

Again, just because all our products made in our studio from scratch, we must have a certain number of hours/days for production of particular things. Working after hours, on weekends and public holidays is possible but must be paid.

Sometimes depending on the circumstances, we can rush your order. There is a rush order fee we can add to your invoice 10-50% depending on order size and complication.

Can I cancel my order for purchased flowers?

All our products are custom made so once your order has been placed (agreed in written text message or email) or paid for, it may not be cancelled. We place paper orders with our suppliers and start cutting parts of your order straight away so there is no way to cancel your order after it has been confirmed.

Are there any products in stock at all?

Majority of our products are made to order. However, we have the most popular flowers premade fully or in parts to speed up the process of production of our custom-made orders. So, when you have an urgent order to place, you can check with us the lead time on particular type/colour flowers and we will advise what we can do for you.

What is the size of your freestanding flowers and can you customize it?

The size of flower head for a freestanding flower depend on flower type. Most of them are around 50 cm in diameter (cardstock rose appr 55-60cm, cardstock peony 50, crepe peony 50, crepe daisy and sunflower 55, daffodil 45-50 etc). Some flowers we can make bigger or smaller without changing price, some changes may reflect in price change as it will take more paper and/or time.

The height of freestanding flowers is easily customisable. We cut stems to your requirements. However, we do not recommend flowers higher than 170 cm as a taller product may not be stable. Stability of the flower may be of a particular concern if you display flowers unattended in public areas (shopping centres, parties etc) or where people (and especially kids) can easily reach them (to touch, to pull, to push, to kick etc). The taller the flower, the less stable the whole structure and we strongly recommend using weights on flower bases and use some sort of “fence” around the arrangement. You can purchase 5 kilos round weight plates to place on floor bases from us or your local Kmart/Big W/any sport shop.

However, sometimes we have customer displaying flowers in shop windows who want to achieve this giant look. In this case there is no risk for flowers to be kicked by people around and we can go as tall as you want. Please note that when the required flower’s height is higher than 170 cm we add a surcharge as increasing the height of the flowers require additional work and materials.

Can we cover floor bases of freestanding flowers so they look nicer?

We can add fake moss in order to cover floor bases nicely or to hide those weights that you may want to use to add stability to your freestanding flowers.

We can also add mini arrangement of fake flowers, grass etc at the bottom of your freestanding flowers. Prices this will depend on the arrangement chosen and a size of the floor base to cover.

How do you ship freestanding flowers?

All our freestanding flowers come apart in 3 (usually) pieces – floor stand (usually wooden stand with wooden dowels screwed onto), stems with leaves (sometimes we do detachable leaves too), flower head /buds.

This way we can pack all stems in one flat pack (usually heavy-duty butchers paper wrapping and bubble wrap on top of it for durability). The size of pack is usually slightly longer than your tallest stem and about 30-50 cm wide (depending on number of stems).

Flower heads packaging depends on type of the flowers the most. For example, our crepe poppy flowers and all silk flowers on wire are the most compact – we can literally squeeze them all into 1 small or medium size box. About 15-20 flowers and buds can fit into one 40x40x60 cm box and travel safe.

All cardstock flowers (roses, peonies, daisies etc) and bulky crepe paper flowers (peonies, sunflowers, tulips etc) need individual boxes for each flower head. This means you have to allow either 40x40x40 or 50x50x50 cm box per flower head. We will also pack floor stand in the bottom of the box to use space efficiently. For the postage of freestanding flowers, we normally use www.PackAndSend.com.au service. You can estimate costs for your order using their postage calculator using our post code 2250 in Australia and their West Gosford centre as a starting point.

Once order posted we send you a tracking number for your order.

How do I assemble my freestanding flowers

The process is easy, and we even have a few video instructions on our YouTube to help you with different flower types.

Basically, you unpack all the parts of your flowers and start assembly with the floor base.

If you have an arrangement of a few flowers on one base we mark each dowel dedicated for particular flower at the back side of floor base as well as indicate Front and Back side of the arrangement. Follow this indicators and place floor base on a floor. Start mounting stems onto dowels making sure to match indicators on the bottom side of stems against similar indicators on the bottom of the floor bases.

Once stems are up you mount flower heads and buds on them. Some flower heads sit ON stems (having a hole inside the flower) and some flowers you stick INTO stem pipe (these flowers have either a wooden stick or wires sticking out of them).

Then you fluff up leaves and flower petals where needed. Usually, we have videos provided for this step.

What to do if I damaged the flower during assembly, set up, transportation to the venue or storage?

We have a few videos on our YouTube how to repair minor damages for freestanding flowers.

For bulk orders we usually provide “Repair kit” for your flowers for free. This includes a stripe of green crepe paper (to fix minor damages of stem) and a little bottle of custom-made paint (to fix scratches on floor bases).

For more specific minor repairs please contact us for an advice or watch videos on our YouTube for instruction.

Sometimes more complex repairs may be required when flowers are in frequent use or have been on display for a long time. You need to contact SPF explaining what kind of repair needed and we can discuss options (if this repair possible, costs and lead time).

How to place an order for hire flowers?

You choose what kind of flowers you wish to hire – we always have foam roses and crepe paper poppies in stock, any other flowers hire is a subject of availability. Please send us a custom order request to check if we can offer you other flowers to hire for your event.

Browse some inspirational photos in Flowers for hire category

Fill out the request form on the web site for your order and specify date / location / bump in and bump out times / number of flowers needed / your colour theme and type of flowers (if you know what exactly you are after). A photo of your venue, pictures of other décor you plan to use, an invitation design etc can be helpful as well. Once we receive all this information, we can suggest flowers to use, amount, sizes etc and exact budget. Alternatively, you can describe your event idea and specify your comfortable budget and we will advise how many and what kind of flowers we can offer.

When we agreed on type, colour, number of flowers and date, location, times, prices for flowers and delivery/set up, we book the order in to save the date for you and issue an invoice. For orders under AUD 1000, full payment is required in advance to book you in. Orders over AUD 1000 will require 50% deposit to book you in with the rest of invoice to be paid 3 business days prior to the event date.

We also require security deposit to cover for potential loss and damage to the flowers during the event. If all goes well, the deposit is fully refundable after we check the condition of returned goods.

Price for hired flowers is PER flower PER day of hire. Price for delivery / set up / pack down depends on number of flowers, venue location, date, bump in and bump out times. Public holidays, weekends and night hours are reflected in the price of hire.

Once deposit is paid, your order is booked with us for the date needed and we make sure we have flowers and members of our crew available on that date and time to deliver, set up and pick up flowers.

Customer is responsible for providing clear information about the bump in (and out) time, venue address, loading dock access, contact person on the site and a mock up for desired arrangement installation in the venue. Team of SPF comes on the date and bump in time and install flowers. We do recommend leaving a slot in your run sheet for paper flower installation at the end of the event set up as our products are quite fragile and moving furniture or vacuuming floors around paper flowers is not a good idea.

Pack down of flowers happens at bump in time will be shown in the invoice. Make sure you plan your event carefully in terms of timing and guest management. We do not allow clients or other businesses to pack our flowers to minimise risk of damage of fragile products.

All damages made to rental property of SPF are to be paid from security deposit.

Do wall paper flowers require assembly

Each piece in a paper flower set (Flowers + Leaves) has to be assembled separately to achieve the final look as in product images and doesn’t come assembled as one piece large flower set. You will have to hang flowers on a wall (or stick them to the wall) one by one and then add leaves / butterflies here and there.

How do I hang paper flowers on the wall?

Each of our wall paper flowers (in size medium and large) has a loop at the back. You can use tiny nails on ply wood backdrops or hot glue gun for permanent styling. If you style at a rental property or you are after a short term styling solution, you can use damage free hooks to hang flowers or blu tuck (or similar products) to stick flowers to walls.

Please notify our team when ordering that you need a temporally solution and we will provide you with hooks and tacky tack.

Are paper flowers easy to install?

We take a photo of your flowers styled for you before packing and you can use it as a guide for layout on a wall when hanging. If this layout doesn’t work for you or you need help when styling you are more than welcome to contact us via email or message and we will organize a video call to help you.

Can I customise colours of wall paper flowers?

Sure thing! This is why we love our custom-made flowers. You can browse the photos of our previous projects and if you cannot find the set of flowers you like, you can send us a request for making custom flowers – specify your preferred colour combo, types and number of flowers needed and we will make a set or a wall of flowers for you in your own colour combination. Please note that colour combo of flowers will depend on a paper availability from our suppliers. After you advise us what colours are needed, we will send you a picture of papers that are available so you can choose the closest shades

How do you ship wall flowers?

We always put in extra efforts to package your paper flowers securely and neatly in a box with utmost care & safety to arrive at the destination in perfect condition.

Wall flowers are shipped / delivered in cardboard boxes (heavy duty boxes for interstate orders). We can advise shipping costs only when we agreed on type, number and size of flowers you

order. Then we calculate approximate volume of box needed and check on postage costs for you (your full address will be needed to confirm costs). We pack flower and various bits and pieces in a such way they do not move inside the box while travelling. For example, we may make “shelves” inside the box and glue your flowers on a tiny drop of hot glue to the shelves and sides of box to prevent movements. All you will need to do is to gently release flowers by twisting them carefully.

Where I can find the information about your face to face classes?

List of all classes available is usually announced on our web site here. You can choose the one you like and get tickets for it (you will be redirected to another web site for our business www.PaperProTutorials.com ). If there is no date announced on the web site, we can still run class for you but we will need a minimum group of 4 to run a class. So grab a few friends or family members and spend a fun time together!

Where do you run your face to face classes?

We have a lovely cozy art studio in Woy Woy (Central Coast, NSW, Australia) and welcome you to visit us there. For small groups of 4-5 people we have a place right there and for bigger groups we use a friendly space of One Lucky Duck cafe right opposite our studio. You can enjoy a cup of yummy coffee and a snack while crafting your flowers with us!

Can you run a class on client’s territory at all?

Sure we can! If you have a group of 10+ we are happy to travel (mostly around the Central Coast, but Sydney area also can be discussed). We bring everything to your place – table covers, heat resistant mats, glue guns, scissors, papers, other bits and pieces.

So you can add fun and a special note to your party, hens night, friends catch up etc. Or you can invite us to your local school, library or a scout hall.

We can discuss the date and time desired (including weekends and public holidays).

What age is suitable for your classes?

All people are different and have different motor and craft skills. So, you decide if you will be able and comfortable working with really small and often fragile elements. Also keep in mind classes are 1.5-2.5 hours long and you will need to stay focused all that time and work on your own after instructions provided. Of course, we will be explaining every step in details and showing the right technic and helping those who struggle here and there but in a group of people it is not always possible to keep all attention on one student only.

We have an experience successfully accommodating 9 years old girl and she was absolutely independent (she was sitting next to her mum but working completely on her own). And her wall flowers set turned out awesome! Also, we had ladies in their 75 working on flowers slowly but very professionally. And their Wild roses were the cutest in the group.

We use hot glue guns in majority of our classes. So, all students must be able to work with this tool and understand and obey safety rules.

All minors will require supervision of a parent or a guardian.

We won’t be able to accommodate kids under 7 years old, I am sorry.

For all kids attending classes we may have a “plan B” for what to work on if we see that they seriously struggle with the product this class is about. For example, we may offer them to make a simpler set depending on their skills.

Can I purchase some tools or papers from you to continue crafting at home?

Yes, we love crafty friends who dare to continue their crafty journey after our classes! We can offer you some tools (like hot glue guns, glue sticks, heat resistant mats, high quality scissors, 5 blade scissors etc) and paper packs (designer cardstock and Italian crepe paper cuts) from our studio. Also,

we offer pre-cut bits and pieces to assemble your paper flowers (like intricate shape leaves, flower centre stamens, butterflies etc). However, it is all subject of stock availability

Why some of your classes are more expensive than others if they run same amount of time?

Some classes are easier for us to prepare for – we clean tools and choose / cut papers for you, get templates and instructions (if needed).

Other classes are very time consuming to prepare. We pre-cut many intricate parts of flowers for you to assembly. Almost all parts of flowers you can cut with scissors. But some of them are super time consuming (so we help you to save time for cutting and focus more on learning right technic from us). Some of them have very complicated shapes, so we cut them for you using professional equipment making sure your flowers look at top notch when you make them. Cutting takes lots of our time, so it reflects in the class price.

Some classes cover very specific technics. Some of them are our signature ways of crafting flowers we learned and made to perfection over the years of experience. So, you pay for a very specific knowledge from the artist and pay for it.

Do you sell digital templates for other flowers you make?

Absolutely! We run another part of our business called PaperProTutorials .

We sell digital templates (PDF, SVG (suitable for CriCut machine) and Studio (suitable for Silhouette Cameo machine)). You also can find video tutorials and online courses to purchase and learn making flowers on your own pace and at your own territory.

Sincerely yours, Anastasia


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